Getting started using the Springer API portal

Once you have registered and have an API key you can start sending requests to the API.

Springer's API is RESTful, allowing construction of URL requests made up of:

  •  The URL domain (e.g.,""),
  •  The collection ID (e.g., "/metadata")
  •  A result format (e.g., "/pam")
  •  The parameter string "?q="
  •  Some number of "constraint:term" pairs separated by either the "%20" or "+" character,
  •  Additional optional parameters (e.g., "&p=25" or "&s=44") and
  •  An API Key (e.g., "&api_key=APIKEYHERE").

For example, a request can be sent to the metadata collection using the following simple, single-parameter, single-constraint call:

The response will be an XML document containing the metadata of the 10 most relevant* journal articles and book chapters in our metadata collection that contain the word 'biotechnology' in their title.

* Document relevance is calculated based on a variety of TF-IDF.


  1. jay4 years ago

    This works....its cool! thanks Springer...

  2. Eddie4 years ago

    You are very welcome!

  3. alexsmith_5404 years ago

    Hey ninjas this is an awesome tool.
    A couple of questions:
    What is the roadmap like with regard to a write API for adding items to favorite lists/etc?
    Also are there plans for adding a book covers API?
    Thanks again,

  4. Klenam wisdom4 years ago

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  5. Saji4 years ago

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    many thanks!!

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    Not a lot of approval here! Your instructions are utterly impenetrable, could be the reason. Have a nice day! Damorbel

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  16. radut claudiu3 years ago

    hi all

  17. Otrusina3 years ago

    Hi all, I was wondering what the element <BibUnstructured> mean. There are both <BibUnstructured> and <BibArticle> elements inside the <Citation> elements. Does it mean that Springer is not able to parse/structure the information or that such publication is not in the Springer database? Thank you for the answer!

    Bests, Lubomír

  18. Eddie3 years ago

    BibUnstructured is simply the unstructured presentation of bibliographic information in a reference. Items in the reference are also separately tagged, but the BibUnstructured element allows ease of rendering.


  19. dirkbruynooghe3 years ago

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